Jose Aldo is out of UFC 189 with a fractured rib, but the his image battles on, and damn is it taking a beating. From Internet commentors decrying him as a gigantic wimp and quitter, to Dana White and Conor McGregor throwing barbs, it’s proven tough to be a Brazilian featherweight champ sidelined by injury.

Thankfully, conspiracy theories are sprouting up, so soon Aldo may not have to walk through the fire alone. One such theory posits that the UFC knew the gravity of Aldo’s injury, yet purposely tried to cover it up (or something like that).

Bleacher Report pulled the thread on that story, and what they got when it unraveled was Dr. David Chao, an American doctor who independently assessed an MRI of Aldo’s ribs and saw a fracture where the Brazilian doctors did… but the UFC’s doctors did not.

But when Chao got to the slices that covered the area, he immediately recognized the injury.

“The MRI image I saw shows a fracture,” Chao told Bleacher Report on Thursday morning. He told Aldo’s rep that the person in question needed to get it taken care of. When the rep asked if it was an injury that could heal quickly, the doctor laughed and said no.

The images are striking. The white-hot lines streaking across one of Aldo’s lower ribs are seemingly proof that the champion indeed suffered a break. Two independent doctors contacted by Bleacher Report seconded Chao’s assessment.

Okay, so we know for sure that Aldo’s got a busted rib. We also know that the UFC originally said that he just had some damaged cartilage. But regardless of who knew what when, it doesn’t change the fact that Conor McGregor is fighting Chad Mendes at UFC 189, and the winner gets to take on Aldo further down the road. Am I right?