With the recent string of injuries that have plagued UFC fight cards, the faster top fighters can return the better. Especially when it comes to the champions, since Georges St. Pierre, Jose Aldo, and Dominick Cruz are all injured at the moment. It looks like the first to return out of the three should be featherweight champion Jose Aldo according to a report from FUEL TV’s show UFC Tonight.

“According to Jose Aldo’sĀ manager and trainer, Andre PederneirasĀ of Nova Uniao, they’re expecting him to be back in October. No surgery needed for that left leg, just some physical therapy, and they’re very hopeful he’ll be back in October. His opponent, whenever he is ready, will be Erik Koch.”

While reports from trainers have to be taken with a grain of salt since they aren’t directly from the doctor, it is promising that Aldo will not require surgery. Also, it should be noted that his opponent will remain the same in Erik Koch. Some pundits and fighters were wary of Erik getting the title shot. Feeling that he may have leapfrogged some other more deserving fighters like Hatsu Hioki, but Hioki himself said he would like to gain more experience in the octagon. One can hope that the cards that have been stripped this summer, will lead to stacked cards in the fall and winter starting with Aldo’s return.