Fun fact: The United States government doesn’t have legal jurisdiction over every place on Earth. Crazy, right? What’s even crazier is that this is sometimes a problem when it comes to criminal investigations that cross borders, and agents of the government – be they Green Berets, FBI agents or whatever – will have to do something called “irregular rendition”, which is essentially kidnapping a suspect from foreign soil and bringing him to justice.

So yeah, it appears that yesterday a representative of the government of the State of Nevada tried to kidnap UFC champ Jose Aldo’s urine in Brazil.

He failed.

The initial reaction by some was to think that something shady was going on. After all, it’s Brazil, where the ladies put Equipoise in their morning glass of orange juice so they can look cut at the beach, while the men… God knows what crap they do. With PEDs so prevalent and accepted there, it’s no wonder people – challenger Conor McGregor included – assumed the worst.

But Brazilian predilections toward chemical enhancement aside, the issue here isn’t one of Aldo and his camp trying to cover up cheating. No, not at all. The issue is that some idiot repping the Nevada State Athletic Commission thought he could waltz into a foreign country and impose Nevada regulations on a Brazilian citizen WITHOUT NOTIFYING IT WITH THE AUTHORITIES IN BRAZIL FIRST.

Look, if the pee collector wore a disguise, slipped into the gym under a ruse, and somehow clandestinely stole some of Aldo’s urine, we’d all be lauding him for being slick right now. (Weird, but slick.) But that’s not what happened. Some schmuck just strolled into the gym, without proper ID or clearance, and demanded some piss.

Don’t blame Aldo for that sample ending up in the trash. Blame the dude with the plastic cup who thought his job back home trumped the laws of another country.