Due to the fact that Fedor Emelianenko finished out his run with Strikeforce by losing three straight fights, and Anderson Silva continued to march on as middleweight champion for several more years, the greatest of all time discussion was over in a lot of people’s minds. Now that Silva’s historic run has come to an end, due to the efforts of Mr. Chris Weidman, it will be interesting to see whether that changes anyone’s mind in terms of who is the G.O.A.T.

Jose Aldo was recently asked by Esporte Interativo who he thinks is MMA’s greatest fighter ever, and the UFC featherweight champ didn’t go with his fellow countryman Silva, but rather, Fedor.

“Man, I think we all have a list. The number one for me is Fedor Emelianenko. I’m a ┬ábig fan of him, the guy is so amazing. In second I put Royce (Gracie), then Chuck Liddell, Anderson Silva and then there’s me.”

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Including himself on that list might rub some people the wrong way, but considering Aldo’s won 15 straight fights and has defeated many of the planet’s best featherweights along the way, it’s not surprising to hear he’s pretty proud of his accomplishments.

Of course, Aldo didn’t say Silva’s loss at UFC 162 even affected his rankings, but “The Spider’s” defeat does put into perspective that anyone can lose. Particularly as you exit your prime years.

Heading into his last fight, Silva was asked for his G.O.A.T list, and the legendary fighter ranked BJ Penn at #1, followed by Randy Couture, Liddell and Gracie. No Silva and no Fedor.