Jose Aldo’s time as UFC featherweight champ has been marked by dominance, injuries, and now, an impending sense of doom as his time inevitably runs out. Never mind the fact that his UFC 189 opponent Conor McGregor went on to fight – and win – without him when the Brazilian bowed out due to injury; Aldo is getting old, and being old in a sport that cherishes youth is bad thing.

So of course Aldo is complaining about the UFC’s new Reebok uniforms. What else is he going to do to stay relevant? While Chad Mendes licks his wounds, Frankie Edgar pounds his fists for a title fight, and McGregor and Urijah Faber film the next season of TUF, Aldo has to do something lest people forget him.

Here’s MMAFighting with the Brazilian’s latest “get off my lawn you damn kids!” diatribe:

“It sucks, but what can we do?” Aldo said during a press conference at Nova Uniao gym in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “We know it’s a private company, everybody has their contracts. I don’t think it looks good, everyone has their own style. I can’t do anything about it, just talk. We have to accept. We are the Power Rangers.”

Fighters have expressed different opinions on the design, but most of them approved the quality of the material. Aldo, who has yet to try it out, will make a full evaluation after he puts it on for the first time.

“We’ll see. When I try it out, I can talk about it,” he said.

Oh, Aldo. Soon when you talk no one will be there to hear it.