The next UFC installment isn’t for another couple weeks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ponder the mysteries it holds. Actually, in regards to UFC 179, which will air on pay-per-view on October 25, there is no mystery contained within the main event. Reigning champ Jose Aldo will be defending his belt against challenger Chad Mendes, and when the two met previously at UFC 142, the Brazilian KO’d Mendes so hard that the American forgot all of fourth grade; the rematch will see Aldo do even worse to poor Mendes’ noggin’.

Consider this: Aldo’s last MMA loss came at a Jungle Fight event in Brazil nearly nine years ago, and though he’s had same fairly decent competition since entering the ranks of the Octagon elite, he’s never really been in too much trouble. He is a bad, bad dude.

Mendes is going to get slaughtered.

Whether you agree (i.e., you have a brain) or you disagree (i.e., you are Chad Mendes himself), you can’t argue that Aldo is the undisputed king of messing people up. And if you think you can argue that point, well, watch the video below of what happened when he took on the Korean Zombie.