In a post UFC 162 world where Anderson Silva is no longer the promotion’s middleweight champ, most people are likely looking towards Jon Jones as the planet’s best pound-for-pound fighter. In fact, according to the UFC rankings at least, “Bones” is now in the #1 P4P position and Georges St. Pierre sits at #2. “The Spider” has slipped all the way to #3.

So, because of this, and the fact that Jones won’t be collecting a sizeable check from a super fight with Silva, the light-heavyweight champ fielded plenty of questions about Silva’s performance today, even though he was in Toronto to promote his upcoming bout with Alexander Gustafsson.

While Jones credited Silva for his awe inspiring skills, the 25 year old star argued that the legend “disrespected his gifts”, by taunting and goading Weidman like he did. Jones then added about Silva: “he just got disrespectful and the war gods made him pay for it.” That they did Mr. Jones. That they did.

Gustafsson was asked if the upset victory has  motivated him, and the Swedish fighter acknowledged it provided a “spark”, even if he was shocked by the result. Jones proceeded to add that Silva’s loss and performance served as a “reality check”, and that he was also motivated by Weidman’s knockout win, even if he “would never fight” the way the 38 year-old star did. Fair enough.

You can’t help but wonder what the super fight narrative would be like now, if Silva had defended his belt Saturday. Prior to UFC 162, few people were citing Gustafsson as the man who could spoil a Silva-Jones match-up.

UFC 165 will go down September 21st at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre and the main card will be available via pay-per-view.