The Jon Jones – Rashad Evans feud proves to to still be alive and kicking. Days before Jon Jones steps into the cage to defend his title for the second time, he talks with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour about his former training partner and possible future opponent.

It’s an interesting fight. I’ll go with Rashad because of the experience factor. But Phil Davis can win more than he realizes, he has to be comfortable striking. I won’t say too much because I have my own ideas on how to beat Rashad, but, I don’t think Rashad has a chin at all. Trust me Rashad does not have chin. But it will be a closer fight that people will realize.

Jones also touched on numerous other topics such as staying busy training, his opponent Machida, his religious views, and how he’s perceived by the fans.

I only mean well, a lot of things I say I can come off as arrogant, but I only mean well. I can’t control the way people perceive me, it’s just who I am. My ideals are just thoughts I share, I could just keep them bottled up. I realize that not everyone is going to love you. I have changed as a fighter and I do think I am the best fighter. I won’t lose to Lyoto, I wont lost to Rashad or to Henderson or any other guy. Yeah I am a little cocky, and I think it’s important to be that way. But I won’t change as a person; I stay true to my friends, my family, Endicott, New York. But as Jonathan in the real world, anyone that has ever met me, they know I’ll treat you with the upmost respect. Buy yeah; Jon Jones the fighter will beat you up.”

God has way more important things to think about than me winning a fight or Tebow winning a game, but religion is a big part of me, and if people can’t accept that, then maybe I’m not meant to be that mainstream athlete.

“I have been training four times a day, and i rest in between training sessions. It’s not like in the NFL, where you have one Super Bowl game a year, and once you play it and you win, you can breathe and relax and rest and look forward to next year. This is going to be my third Super Bowl this year and it’s hard to keep that same focus and energy for each fight, but I have done it and will continue to do it.

Transcribed by MMAMania