Troll job or is Chael Sonnen finally settling down and converting into a coaching role – Jon Jones seems to buy into the new attitude.

“(Chael’s) not too bad,” said Jones. “I thought it was going to be all trash-talk, but he’s actually being pretty decent and pretty classy. So, I think it’s going to make for a great show.”

Ironically, Sonnen was brought in to trash-talk and should he not deliver on the drama, TUF may be in for another rocky season on the new network.

“I actually don’t hate Chael anymore. He’s actually turning out to be OK. I’m not sure if he’s setting me up to really hate him, but right now, he’s being a pretty decent human.”

“You know what, I think he’s a pretty good guy,” said Sonnen. “He’s a pretty nice guy.”

Sonnen enters briefly, echoing a friendly sentiment. Jones is not sure if he is being trolled, but he did not have a problem talking about giving Sonnen a physical lashing come April.

All this around the 20 minute mark.