Both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have done nothing short of play coy with the press on the topic of a possible match-up between them. Having gone from ‘not going to happen‘ to now, ‘sure, it could happen. ‘ Well, that is all the hope the fans and UFC match-makers need to assemble a super-fight in the near future. Here’s the words of LHW champ on the subject as of late.

“I respect [Silva] a lot,” Jones said to Brazilian outlet Correio Braziliense. “As I said several times, I do not want to be the guy who beat Anderson, and do not want to be the guy who lost to him. Anderson is a great champion, I’m a great champion. We both…” At that point Jones trailed off, before picking back up. “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

“I’m not saying that the fight will not happen. It can happen. But it’s not something I’m chasing.

“I don’t believe that I need to fight with Anderson to be the best in the world,” Jones concluded.

There it is. Not a full fledged agreement, but an admittance to the possibility. With Jones looking to face Chael Sonnen in April, 2013 and Silva still aiming at the next inĀ  line for Georges St-Pierre, the fight would have to come in late 2013, the earliest.