In case you haven’t had enough super-fight talk, Jon Jones has something to add to the conversation. During a recent interview with MMAHeat’s Karyn Bryant, Jones admitted to the ‘possibility’ of a match-up between himself and top pound-for-pound fighter Anderson Silva.

“Everything is a possibility. I can’t count too much out. We were all put on this earth to think big. Fighting Anderson would definitely be a testament to my faith, my warrior spirit; who knows what will happen in the future.”

Regarding Jones’ thoughts on super-fights, there is an importance to them, which he would be willing to fulfill, should a certain Spider be looking to challenge him.

 “I think super fights are important for the sport. They are important for legacies. Do I have a desire to compete in one? I don’t have it (right now). Unless someone comes and challenges me, I’m fine (at light heavyweight).”

If you were to ever question the light heavyweight champ of  ‘dodging’ or ‘ducking’ the man many consider the greatest of all time, he has an easy response for you.

“I’m totally not afraid of Anderson,” said Jones. “Not afraid of any man.”