Jon ‘Bones’ Jones admits that in the past Evans had the upper-hand in the strength department, which is why Jones is glad to say he now walks around 20 lbs. bigger as of late. Going from 210 lbs. to 230 lbs over the span of his UFC career, he will now look to be a ‘stronger’ version of himself.

“In the past, one of Rashad’s main advantages over me was that he was more seasoned and a lot more stronger than I was. When I first joined the UFC, I never really cut weight, I came in extremely thin. Walking around at 213, 210. Now I walk around at almost 230 at times. I’m just a lot more mature in my body and physical strength. I think that’s gonna be a huge difference for him and he’s gonna feel it right away.”

With the addition of more weight comes a harder weight cut. Jones can be seen in this interview with tiresome eyes and a somewhat lethargic, unlike his usual chipper self. Not to say that there is concern of missing weight, but between cutting weight and media obligations, the champ has a hard road to his fight against the former champ and friend, Rashad Evans.