Not the best comeback, as Jon Jones responds to Quinton “Rampage”Jackson’s constant criticism of his oblique kicks to just above the knees during their fight. The kicks to the knees are said to have caused Rampage to have double-knee surgery, leading him to call for the banning of Jones’ techniques. Here’s what Jones had to say on the Opie and Anthony Show in his defense.

“Yeah, the oblique kick, Joe Rogan named it. I don’t know, he’s a wuss, he’s a wuss. He has this tough guy persona but he complains about anything that doesn’t go in his favor. ‘Oh, my contract. Oh, he wants to take me down, that’s not real fighting.’ He is such a baby, he’s a baby.”

Jon is also referring to Jackson promising to leave the UFC after his fight today against Glover Teixeira. Jackson has come out publicly against his employer disputes over pay, which White then responded with saying that Jackson received 15.2 million for his last contract. To this Jackson compared his earning to professional skateboarders, saying that they make more than the UFC pays. With bridges looking to be burned to asunder, Jackson has hinted at moving to Bellator.