Chael Sonnen is currently scheduled for his first light heavyweight battle in the UFC against former champ Forrest Griffin at UFC 155 on December 29 in Las Vegas, NV.Despite the signed contract, Sonnen has been badgering the champion with underhand insults in order to get Jones to accept the fight.

Jones has since adamantly denied the bout, deeming Sonnen ‘undeserving;’ even turning down a last minute fight in order to save a UFC pay-per-view, which caused a backlash to Jones from the fans and his employers.

It seems the campaigning Sonnen has done however for another title fight has been enough to convince fans to sway light heavyweight champ Jon Jones into agreeing into an early title fight against the former middleweight contender.

“The more I realize how bad the fans want to see me fight Sonnen the more I am beginning to disregard whether he deserves it or not. A part of me wants to do it for the fans the other part of me feels as if it delegitimizes the importance of championship.”