Anderson Silva may already have a rematch against champ Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in a week, but that hasn’t stopped boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. from targeting a location for their possible boxing match-up. RJJ recently spoke with R-Sports (Russian media) about the ideal location.

“I really love Russia. It all depends where the best offer comes from, but next year I’m supposed to be fighting Anderson Silva and I really hope to have that fight in Russia. I’ve got the desire to bring White’s show, the UFC, to Russia.”

UFC president Dana White has said that they are very close to putting on an event in Russia, however it’s still hard to imagine the UFC hosting a boxing match. White has even recently admitted that he feels obligated to give the two their desired match-up as he’s long time friends of RJJ. Jones Jr. has said that he wants the fight under the condition that Silva regains the title, but that would put the UFC in an awkward position. Would they want to risk their MMA champ being knocked out by a older boxer?