Not long ago, former UFC champ Jon Jones had an image problem. Although he somehow kicked ass in spectacular fashion in the cage, he couldn’t drive worth a damn, liked to party a bit much, and when he ran a red light and caused a car accident, he tended to run from the scene with fistfuls of cash. But now he’s back from the legal limbo he’d been relegated to, and if you look close enough, you can see the steps taken to rehabilitate his image.

First came the remorse. Yes, he was sorry – sorry for hurting people, sorry for letting down his fans, sorry for everything.

Now, he’s all about showing his new-found commitment to the sport. Hence, and Instagram feed chock full of stuff like this:


This fitness stuff is just phase 2. Phase 3 will be him expressing more confidence while polarizing his fans with focused aggression towards his opponent (which will undoubtedly be Daniel Cormier). Phase 4, which will take place postfight, will be lots of humbleness (especially if he wins).

Welcome to Image Rehabilitation 101, folks!