Ladies, if you ever get a chance to meet Jon Jones, don’t ask him to sign any of your body parts. Apparently that’s the only thing Jones will NOT sign, out of respect to his “old lady.” He also doesn’t like signing replica belts either, but he will. But luckily for you guys, according to reporter Michelle Steele, Jones has no issue autographing male body parts.

Michele Steele: Is there anything you won’t sign?

Jon Jones: Ah, anything I won’t sign? Women’s body parts. Yeah, my old lady at home wouldn’t appreciate that one, so, I try to refrain from that.

Michele Steele: Finally here, what’s the craziest thing you’ve signed?

Jon Jones: The craziest thing I’ve signed? I think I signed someone’s forehead once. I think that would have to be the craziest for sure.

Michele Steele: And they never washed it again?

Jon Jones: I hope that he did! But, who knows.

Michele Steele: So from the sounds of it, I think Jon Jones will still sign male body parts, but ladies, you’re out of luck.