The self-assured Jon Jones has proven to continue evolving, not only in the cage but also in his public relations. After basking in the lime light for the past two years a confident, brash at times champ has emerged in the public eye. Whether receiving the approval of the press or fans, Jones seems to stay honest in his responses. This was made more so apparent in a recent interview in regards to his upcoming challenge in Dan Henderson.

“I just expected so much more out of him,” Jones told MMA Fighting. “He’s an older, more respectable guy. He’s a guy’s guy. I was a fan of his. But he doesn’t respect me, so now, I have no respect for him, and I’m going to show that the night of the fight.”

When asked if the long time veteran perhaps had some experience to bring in to the cage that he had not seen yet, the young talent was quick to object.

“No, I feel as if he’s an older, slower version of Rashad Evans.”

Jones like many other champions does dream of more than just a title.

“I haven’t set any records,” he said. “I’m not the biggest defending champ of all-time. That’s Anderson Silva. I don’t have the most takedowns in history. I think the only thing I’m doing that hasn’t been done is that I haven’t been taken down in any fight. But outside of that, I haven’t set any records. There are people who have done so much more than me. I happen to have beaten some big names, but time could have been a factor. Some of these guys are coming down from glory while I’m really coming into my own. So, I really can’t flatter myself and think I’m so amazing. I really haven’t done anything.”

Jones does not mention the fact that he does however have the record as youngest UFC champion of all time (Vitor won a tournament, not a belt). He is also the only man to take out four consecutive champions in a row with ease.

Touching on the topic of his new Nike deal, Jones proudly asserts that this is more than just a sponsorship.

“It isn’t going to be anything like any MMA clothes you’ve ever seen,” he said. “There will be people who don’t know who ‘Bones’ is, but they’ll still be buying the clothes. That’s how first-class it is.”

In regards to the controversial testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) used by his opponent, Jones says it helps inspire him to train harder.

“It feels funny fighting a guy his age,” he said. “To know that he has some advantages helps me train harder and not to think anything about having mercy on him.”