As emotions begin to settle, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones says he would like to clarify in detail why he turned down a fight against ‘4-5’ Chael Sonnen on late notice in order to save UFC 151. The short answer? Jones says he turned it down because, as he’s said in the past, “I trained for a different fight,” as his team has publicly recommended him to consider.

The main reason I didn’t take the fight is basically because I talked to my head coach, my muay thai coach and my boxing coach, they know my weaknesses and strengths, they know how my muscles react. Each coach said, straight away that they think I can win the fight but they ALSO said that the want me to be aware that the styles are different, They have different kinds of clinch games, different takedowns… I’m not going to go through all the details of his game because it will sound tacky to those who don’t understand fighting but to sum it up, Chael Sonnen is a southpaw, has different takedowns, different subs, different ground and pound, he’s just a completely different warrior. Taking the fight would be ignorant.

Interestingly, Jones said the only fighter that he would of fought on such late notice – Rashad Evans.

The only guy I would’ve fought on short notice is Rashad Evans because his style is so similar to Dan Henderson’s. Rashad Evans is a guy who is a good wrestler, has good scrambles in certain positions, has a huge overhand right, his left isn’t really dangerous but it’s there. Anyone else I would’ve said no, you can’t pick fights based on your emotions. I can’t put a multi-million dollar career and title on the line because someone is talking about my momma.

Jones also points out that he did in fact make it clear prior to the debacle that he would not allow Sonnen to jump into a title fight with his verbal attacks.

Another thing I’ve said in the past is that I said I would never allow Sonnen to jump the line by using his mouth and what was he doing? Jumping the line by using his mouth. The guy is a straight punk.

In regards to the rumors of him asking President White to stop Sonnen from talking about him.

…that is totally not true, regarding this pro wrestling guy who made this article… can he just make a bogus article like that? That is totally not true, I’ve dealt with Rampage, Rashad why would I do that? It’s not true.