The early armbar attempt by Vitor Belfort had all onlookers out of their seats as it seemed to be the eminent fall of champ Jon Jones. In the end however the champ survived the attempt and was able to mount numerous attacks, bludgeoning his opponents quickly after.

From the failed submission attempt on it was downhill for the self-proclaimed ‘old lion’ as Belfort suffered injury to the knees, midsection and finally the arm as he was submitted via an Americana (kimura or keylock) in the fourth round.

Official: Jon Jones defeats Vitor Belfort via submission (Americana) – Round 4, 0:54

Jones now 16 victories into his career, only losing to the recently un-retired Matt Hamill via DQ (illegal elbow). The one mere loss is not truly considered a loss by most, including UFC president White who was recently quoted using the fight as an example as to bad reffing in mixed martial arts, which White says needs to be fixed.

With his originally planned challengers, Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida set to battle soon, Jones will be likely waiting on the outcome.