Thinking back, the indiscriminate attacks by Chael Sonnen on Jon Jones (via Twitter) just days before the news of Dan Henderson pulling out of the bout do seem dubious. Why? Because it was reported by both President Dana White and Henderson himself that he had been dealing with the injury for over a week before the pull out, in hopes of “fighting through the injury.” Sonnen denies knowing of the possible pull-out, yet he is a long time friend and training partner of Henderson.

Head striking coach of Jackson MMA and champion Jon Jones, Mike Winklejohn is tired of the attacks on his star pupil and has spoken out through with more details on why the camp didn’t take the Chael Sonnen bait.

“Enough’s enough. I can’t sit back on the sidelines any longer. All I can say to everybody, don’t put this on Jon. There are others to blame. This UFC 151 problem should have been resolved weeks ago. Chael Sonnen is a smart guy with cardio for days. He has relentless takedowns and is a much different fighter than Dan Henderson. How long has Chael been attacking Jon in the media? Hmm. He’s a man known for moneymaking schemes and cheating by bending the rules. And he’s done this in various arenas. I think Chael played almost everyone like a fiddle. But I believe like a coward he tried to train and strike Jon when Jon wasn’t looking. But hey, Jon is a warrior, and he, actually we, saw it coming. All I can say to Chael is nice try. Jon vs Sonnen. With no surprise attacks like Pearl Harbor. That’s a fight I want to see. Jon will win the war, and I think the UFC should capitalize on it.”

Could Sonnen have¬†truly planned such an underhanded move? He doesn’t have the best rap sheet of moral and ethics, which is why he goes by the moniker ” The American Gangster.” To make things even more puzzling, Sonnen has hinted that big news will be coming out from his inner camp that may change his upcoming bout with Forrest Griffin. More news on that on its way.