UFC Ultimate Insider” on Fuel TV premiered it’s latest segment, ‘counterpunch‘ last night. The feature had UFC 145 headliners Jon Jones and Rashad Evans sitting together in close quarters for debate. Moderator Jon Anik did not have to say much as the conversation quickly turned into a heated argument. The former friends clearly have no love left as they let their thoughts of the other be known.

Rashad Evans:

That’s the big thing about it. That’s why I feel so disrespected. It’s like, ‘So, now Greg, you’re gonna go against me? You’re gonna go against me, right? You gonna go against Georges St. Pierre? Oh, okay. You gonna bring in Carlos Condit? He helped make you too. So where does your loyalty lie?’ So, if you’re gonna go against the people that helped make you, and I was somebody like in Jon’s position, I’d be like, ‘Man, if he’ll go against some people that were with him, to help him get his notoriety, to help him get where he is, then damn, what would he do to me?'”

Jon Jones

I have no sympathy for Rashad, whatsoever. I remember you leaving Greg Jackson’s and saying, ‘Oh, I need a team that can focus on just me.’ You know, ‘I need something that’s more based around me.’ And now you created ‘The Blackzilians.’ I say it all the time. There’s no ‘i’ in team. There’s no ‘i’ in Jackson’s. There’s ‘i’ in ‘Blackzilians.’ so, I really look at you as fake. I look at you as arrogant. I look at you as selfish. I look at you as self-centered. I think you’re biggest thing is to try and reflect it off of me, and make me seem like I’m everything that you’re feeling inside your heart.”

You had this long, ugly fight with ‘Rampage’ where you almost got finished. I finished ‘Rampage,’ but I’m not the champ. Lyoto (Machida) knocked you out silly. I just finished Lyoto, and I’m not the champ. I feel like the champ in every way. I feel like I’m gonna do the same exact thing to you in April.”