UFC champ Jon Jones and ex-champ Andrei Arlovski squared off the other day with their pets in hand, which leads us to believe that they’re either going to be entering their beasts into an illegal pet fighting league, or they brought their animals to a training session for some odd reason and were just goofing around.

I’m inclined to think it was the latter.

For those coming into this story late, Arlovski owns a much-cherished pitbull named “Maximus”.

Jones, meanwhile, owns a serval, which is a rare breed of African cat – just imagine a leopard and a house cat having an illicit affair, with their love child being some sort of hybrid feline monster. Seriously, serval’s are no joke. I had a friend who owned one, and this thing was terrifying. Other cats were petrified of it, and would flee at the mere sight of it. It could only play with dogs (which it did, in very rough fashion), as dogs were the only thing tough enough to handle it. Its paws were immense, and its claws were such that it could climb any surface – literally, it would climb brick walls. Serval’s have a generally nice disposition, but they’re so scary that you can’t help but pet them with trepidation.

So yeah, they’re the perfect pet for Jon Jones.