It’s no secret that Jon Jones has not been a fan favorite as of late. oddly enough however, Jones’ interest has increased dramatically as his favoritism decreased. Why? Observers are watching to see the ‘arrogant’ champ fall. It has to make you to think – is Jones’ hate by design? Here’s what champ Jones had to say yesterday during the UFC 152 open press workouts.

“It’s really just a sport,” said the 25-year-old Jones after an open workout in support of the event. “It’s MMA drama – it’s not real life stuff. Ultimately, my job is to entertain people, and I think this whole situation has definitely done that in some ways.”

It may not all be a fictional fabrication as Jones admits that his recent decision to turn down a fight is what turned him into the UFC villain in the first place.

At the end of the day, I’m the one who has to live with the decisions I’ve made,” Jones said. “I really don’t think they’re as valuable to anyone as they are to me. I’m the one who’s been doing this for five years and eating healthy and going to bed early and skipping out on great times when everyone else is out doing what they want to do. I’m the one that’s dedicated himself to being the champion.”

In regards to the recent fallout between Dana White and himself, the champ would actually like to put it behind him and move forward as he plans to extend the olive branch.

“Me and Dana are ambassadors of the same sport,” he said. “Us not being on the same page makes no sense for anyone. So I’m going to talk to Dana. I’ll definitely stand my ground and let him know that I stand behind my decisions. I’m sure Dana is going to do the same thing, and we’ll come to some type of medium.”

If any advantage is given to Belfort, it’s his speed. Something Jones reminds that he has as well in his toolbox.

“To be honest, I’m a young guy, and I really believe I’m pretty fast, too,” Jones said. “I think there’s a lot of things about my game that people really overlook. To consider me a slow-twitch athlete would be inaccurate.”

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