Although Lyoto Machida is hoping that wins over Dan Henderson and Ryan Bader have secured him a rematch with Jon Jones, the UFC light-heavyweight champ appears to be more interested in trying to batter Alexander Gustafsson.

While the MMA masses might be hoping Jones fights Anderson Silva next, thanks in no small part to Dana White’s little teaser about Silva asking for a “super fight”, Machida and Gustafsson aren’t on board.

In fact, Machida’s manager Ed Soares relayed to MMA that his fighter is hoping to fight Jones next, but if his toe injury sidelines him from a while, Machida want’s to fight Gustafsson. Why might that be? It would be a good way to cut the Swedish fighter out of the title shot picture.

When asked about the possibility of rematching Machida after UFC 159, Jones cited his previous win over the former champ, before adding (quote via MMA

“A lot of people believe that I have been successful because I appear to be larger than my opponents.  And with Alexander Gustafsson that would be no more. So fighting Alexander Gustafsson, a guy who is six-feet-six or six-five, pretty long arms himself, long legs; I think that would be a great thing and that’s who I’d love to fight next.”

Chances are the fanbase would be more intrigued by a Gustafsson-Jones tilt, but if Silva defeats Chris Weidman on July 6th, the push for a “super fight” could get crazy.

Photo Credit: Paul Abell-US PRESSWIRE