Jon “Bones” Jones has defeated Shogun Rua at UFC 128 in Newark, NJ to become the youngest UFC light heavyweight champion in UFC history. Here is the live play-by-play action.

Round One:
The two touch gloves and Jones starts with a flying knee. Jones misses with a spinning back-kick but follows with a trip takedown. Jones now in half-guard Shogun quickly pulls guard and attempts a triangle. No go and Jones gets to half-guard against the fence attempting a head and arm choke. Jones drops some elbows to the head and pushed to the guard and to the stomach now. Shogun works up but gets caught with knees to the body and a left hook on the way up and Shogun looks wobbled. Jones continues mixing up punches and knees and Shogun now slowed. Shogun attempts to drop for a leg lock and loses it. Jones finishes on top in half guard. Caged gives the round to Jones 10-9

Round Two:
Shogun checks leg kick and Jones follows with straight kick that throws Rua back. Jones lands a spinning elbow against the fence that looks to injure Rua¬† more. Rua looks gassed clinching. Rua backs up and throws left and right over the top that miss. Jones Superman punches and lands. Shogun finally throws a leg kick that Jones counters with a takedown. Jones in guard starts throwing the elbows and we can now see Rua’s left eye selling shut. Jones jumps to halfguard. Jones continues to pressure with the elbow. Jones goes into a leg lock and switches to a spinning punch that lands on the ground to end the round. Caged has Jones 10-9

Round Three
Shogun now coming forward with punches. Jones responds with uppercut and hook that misses. Jones just misses with head kick as Rua swoops to the back of Jones and again attempts the leg lock and misses. Jones now in guard just dropping viscous elbows. Left bomb hurts him badly and followed with an elbow and Shogun stands barely stumbling as Shogun backs and gets hit with another left hook to the stomach that drops the former champ and its over.
Official time of 2:37 round three

“Bones” has now defeated top UFC fighters Stephan Bonnar, Brandon Vera, Vladimir Matyushenko, Ryan Bader and Shogun Rua on his path to the title. Jones only blemish comes from a disqualification against Matt Hamill, due to an illegal elbow.