Much attention has been placed on the out-of-competition drug tests administered by the Nevada Athletic Commission to UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones prior to his title defense against Daniel Cormier last weekend.

Until now, the focus has been on his positive result for cocaine; and Jones’ subsequent checking in to a rehab facility.

However, there may be much more to the story.

While we’re still waiting for results from the week-of-fight testing for Jones (and Cormier), according to a report released last night, the three out-of-competition tests reveal abnormal hormone levels for Jones.

This could be evidence of performance enhancing agents in the fighter’s system.

The report, by Iain Kidd of Bloody Elbow, describes levels of testosterone and epitestosterone which are outside of the norm. Kidd offers specifics, including the accepted WADA levels for both.

To settle the matter, an agency would often move to carbon isotope ratio tests, which, according to this New York Times graphic, “examines the atomic make-up of testosterone in the urine to determine if it is natural or synthetic.”

Attorney Erik Magraken has taken to his Combat Sports Law blog to ask if the Nevada Athletic Commission still has the samples, and if further testing will be done.

On his Twitter account, Dr. Johnny Benjamin goes one step futher:

Nevada officials haven’t responded yet, but we will update when they do.