UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones picked up a fight outside the Octagon on Wednesday, taking to Twitter to defend himself.

Jones, who faces Glover Teixeira next month at UFC 172 for his title in Baltimore, was called out by Tyson Griffin regarding Daniel Cormier.

Griffin, a former UFC fighter himself, is a teammate of Cormier’s at American Kickboxing Academy. He went after Jones, asking him “If you’re a ‘champ’ you’d whoop (Cormier) and move on,” before later questioning if Jones “thinks the names on (Cormier’s) record aren’t top level? That is just disrespectful if you ask me.”

Jones appeared to send some direct messages to Griffin before later blocking him on Twitter, according to Griffin.

Well, “Bones” did make some “statements” of his own on the social media site.

“One opponent at a time, the rest is simply nonsense.. Let’s just call all the talking MMA drama,” he wrote. “Let’s not forget I’m fighting Glover next. Some of y’all don’t know what you want to see!

“Just a few months ago everyone was screaming rematch,” referencing his 2013 win over Alexander Gustafsson.

Jones concluded by writing “My job is to fight the best in the world, I’ve been doing it for years now. Be patient, your favorite fighter will have his turn soon enough.”