Jon Jones has broken his silence.

For the first time since testing positive for cocaine metabolites just prior to his bout at UFC 182 – a winning effort that saw him defeat challenger Daniel Cormier to retain his belt – the UFC light-heavyweight champ sat down for a heavily edited interview on FOX Sports Live.  Sitting opposite sportscaster Charissa Thompson, Jones admitted that he’d done the drug in college, but insisted his usage at a party while training for the Cormier fight was an aberration and moment of weakness.

Essentially, Jones blamed no one but himself.

He also described how he was unsure if he’d be allowed to fight at UFC 182, and only knew that he would by the time the weigh-ins rolled around.

Jones flatly denied ever taking any performance-enhancing drugs, and when asked about his short, 24-hour stint at rehab, broke down the process – a process that had him assessed by a team of professionals who ultimately determined he didn’t need in-patient care.

Watch the video of the interview below.

What do you think? Do you believe Jones?