As the MMA world waits to see when Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will throw down again, the former light-heavyweight champ sees the sun setting on 205 pounds in possibly three more fights…

Jones has repeatedly said he plans to move to heavyweight at some point, but due to his arrest last year, that plan got punted down the line. Now, Jones has to get the title backĀ from Cormier, who laid claim to it, after he was stripped of the title. But if (and when?) that happens, then what?

Well, recently Jones took to Twitter and responded to some questions folks had for hm (and yes, as of writing time, the tweets remain posted…). “Bones” was asked about a timeline for a move to heavyweight, and then, who he sees fighting at 205 before he makes the jump. Here is what Jones had to say.

So, there you have it. Three fights seems about right no? Now, of course, one of those is his upcoming rematch with “DC”, and then yes, if he wins the title back he’ll have to face Mr. Anthony Johnson. But, it’s interesting to see him throw Alexander Gustafsson on that list.

After Jones and Gustafsson battled, in what of the best light-heavyweight title fights ever back in 2013, “Bones” passed on an immediate rematch and went for Glover Teixeira. Fans, however, repeatedly called for Jones – Gustafsson II, and then they nearly got their wish in 2014. “The Mauler”, unfortunately, went down with a knee injury.

Since then, “Gus” has dropped bouts to Johnson and Cormier, so really, Jones could likely pass on a rematch with the Swedish star. Now does that mean he should? No. No it does not.