Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones isn’t sure why Chuck Liddell has been unable to give him any accolades for his career so far.

During a recent appearance on “The Fighter and the Kid,” Liddell was asked if he could defeat Jones. The former champion and UFC Hall of Fame fighter didn’t mince words.

“The problem is he doesn’t hit hard enough to hurt me and he’s not going to out-wrestle me,” Liddell said (thanks to for transcribing). “He’s not going to out-wrestle me and I hit too hard for him.

“I would catch him sooner or later. Styles make fights.”

Jones, who was stripped of the title last year, will take on Daniel Cormier for the belt at UFC 197 this April. He replied to a fan asking about Liddell on Twitter, saying he “wanted to be decent” with the great, but that it “sucks his hate is shifting things this direction.” He also offered up several other comments on “The Iceman.”