Let the trash talking commence. Here we see the latest UFC 151: Jones vs. Henderson promo featuring light heavyweight champ Jon Jones speaking softly on his thoughts of his opponent.

“Dan Henderson is just another tough guy, He’s not this big mythical character for me. If Dan Henderson thinks he’s the man to take my belt, he’s got another thing coming. I will remain the UFC’s light heavyweight champion.”

Usually not one to make predictions, Jones visualizes the victory via TKO after punishing the body of Henderson.

“I feel very confident that I will be the first guy to TKO him. Slowly and methodically hit him till his body is hurting and he wants the fight to be over.”

Flattery followed by criticism is a tactic used by many to soften the blow. Jones may do so with his words, but unlikely will he soften any blows come Sept. 1st.

“How would I describe Dan Henderson? Dan Henderson is a winner, an animal, a beast. It’s no secret that Dan Henderson is a little bit of a one trick pony. He just has that power. Uppercut, overhand – when he touches people they go down. My plan is not to get hit at all.”

“I’m the guy that wrestled in junior college. He’s the guy that wrestled in the Olympics. If he gets taken down, he aint going to look too cool. “