At the age of 25, Jon Jones has claimed the light heavyweight belt and defeated five straight former champions in his short MMA career. Most intriguing fact about the talent is that he has made it look almost easy. As the saying goes, if you accomplish your goals, set new ones.

I want it all.



“Because things have been going so well, right now it’s about not putting limits on anything and realizing the sky is the limit,” Jones told USA TODAY Sports. “Really, I want everything, and I’ve said that since day one. I want to be the best. I want to be a record-holder in everything. I want to be a heavyweight champion and a light-heavyweight champion. I want it all.”

Jones may have the long reach, but he does not always have the size advantage in his current weight. Jones has admitted that his upcoming TUF opponent Chael Sonnen walks around bigger than him. Moving up to heavyweight – this fact will remain, which is why the champ is eager for the challenge. With competitors like current champ Junior dos Santos at the top, it will be no easy feat to earn the title.

“I respect the champions and the top-ranked guys in the heavyweight division,” Jones said. “I realize that me, at my current size, the odds would be majorly against me, so it would be about doing it right, doing it with a lot of passion, and having fun with the game. I’ll do it right when that time comes, I’ll give it my all, and I’ll expect to be a winner.”

UFC president White has been quick to remind the press that Jon Jones is still growing at his young age, meaning a move to heavyweight is inevitable. Jones says he’s not only growing physically, but figuratively as well.

“I just think there’s a lot more room for improvement and a lot more room to grow, and I’m excited to grow,” Jones said. “I’m excited to grow into manhood as a father, as a husband, as an athlete, as a role model, as myself. There’s a lot of growing to do. I’m excited to realize that.”