UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones has recently been named the UFC’s official top pound-for-pound fighter, surpassing Anderson Silva — thanks to Chris Weidman’s recent knockout of the long running G.O.A.T. Ironically, just a week later, the new p4p great is looking to go through a Mark Munoz transformation, as he tweets a pic of him with a newly added Buddha belly, explaining that this is his “before pic.” From the look of it, the champs now killing it at the buffet tables in his off time. Look what you did Rick Ross…

@JonnyBones: Ok so here's that b4 pic. I obviously have some work to do. #Judgers #bringingsexyback #yesICan
@JonnyBones: Ok so here’s that b4 pic. I obviously have some work to do. #Judgers #bringingsexyback #yesICan

Likely the reason behind Jones’ transformation is his grotesque toe injury, suffered in his last fight against Chael P. Sonnen. Jones has been out of training in order to heal the injury.  Here’s a reminder of what the champ looks like usually when coming into his fights. Posted June 5th by Jones:
Jon Jones muscular

The champ has until late September to return to shape to defend his LHW belt against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in Toronto, Canada.