As the facts add up, all signs point to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones returning to the octagon April 21 at UFC 146 in Atlanta, GA. The event card is already 10 bouts in, and still suspiciously missing a headliner; something Jones admits he is rumored to headline. In response to giving the rumor any validity, Jones says he will in fact be ready for that date, whether it be the the winner of Evans vs Davis or Dan Henderson.

The bout may be made official as soon as this Friday with UFC on Fox 2, headlining the bout between Evans and Davis. When the champ was asked point-blank during an interview with Fuel TV on who he was pegging to win the bout, he had no issue choosing his former training partner.

I’m picking Rashad Evans,” Jones said recently in an interview with FUEL TV. “I’m in his corner … I want to fight Rashad. He’s the antagonist of my career.

“There’s no just pumping up pay per views when it comes to me and Rashad. Everything about us disliking each other is true. After we fight each other it’ll all be clear, and he can go have a seat somewhere.”