Jon Jones is rematching with Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, and though he already has a win over the current champ, plus a ton of natural gifts that give him a definite edge in any fight, Jones still wants to be holding every card in the deck.

That includes having a referee who doesn’t yell at him for extending his fingers and “accidentally” poking dudes in their eyes.

In other words, Jones has a problem with “Big” John McCarthy. As per MMAFighting:

“I would prefer any other referee but him,” Jones said Tuesday.

McCarthy, a former Los Angeles police officer, has officiated mixed martial arts since UFC 2 and helped author the current Unified Rules which oversee the sport. He’s also been the third man in on several of Jones’ biggest bouts, including matchups with Alexander Gustafsson and Vitor Belfort.

Regardless, Jones said there were several factors which made him request an official besides McCarthy.

“It’s been a mixture of many things throughout the years,” Jones said. “Just the energy. I don’t feel like we have the best energy. It’s an accumulation of some of the things that happened during some fights and just personal interactions. I just don’t feel as, you don’t need anything stacking up against you when you’re fighting a great fighter like DC.”

Whatever, Jon. I’m sure you’ll stick your fingers in D.C.’s eyes regardless.