Several betting lines have Conor McGregor as the favorite, heading into his March 5th bout with Rafael dos Anjos, but if Jon Jones was putting some stacks down, they’d be on the latter.

When the headliner for UFC 196 was first announced, several betting lines had the lightweight champ as the favorite to win. But now, just over a month out from the scrap, it looks like most of the bookies have dos Anjos as the underdog.

Well, recently Jones was asked to weigh-in on the highly anticipated fight, while speaking to the┬áBrazilian actress, Rainah Andrews. “Bones” said he’s going with RDA, and also explained why (quote via Bloody

“It’s hard to say,” Jones said. “I’m a big fan of McGregor, I’m becoming a huge fan of RDS. Based on RDS’ performances, I think I’m going to go with him. I’m not rooting for either person, but If I had to put my money on someone, I’d put it on RDS … RDA, I’ve been calling him RDS.”

“[Donald Cerrone] is my teammate. I watched him prepare and I knew he was super prepared to become a world champion, and the way that fight went just showed me what level RDA is on. So if I had to put money on it I think I’ll go RDA.”

RDS? Has Jones been doing some skateboarding lately? Or watching French Canadian television?

That aside, could Jones just be saying this because he doesn’t want to slight his buddy Cerrone? By going with McGregor? Or does he honestly think RDA is too much for the featherweight champ? There are more than a few insiders and observers who believe McGregor’s remarkable run is about to end. RDA certainly hasn’t been short on impressive performances lately.

UFC 196 (formerly 197) will go down at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Jones, meanwhile, is waiting on confirmation as to when he’ll rematch light-heavyweight champ, and his bestest buddy, Daniel Cormier.