UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones puts on a strong front when it comes to the constant booing he normally receives for fights.

For whatever reason it may be, Jones is consistently targeted as the “heel” in his fights from the time he beat Mauricio “Shogun” Rua until recently at UFC 172.

Of course, it helped that “Bones” performed the Ray Lewis pre-game entrance dance and that his brother formerly played for the Baltimore Ravens. But still, the arena – at least on this night – was pro-Jones.

And he enjoyed it.

“It was just great to have the crowd on my side again,” Jones said during the post-fight press conference. “It has been a long time since I’ve had cheers. It was just great. I was living it up. I figured Ray Lewis would be there, a lot of Ravens would be there, so I was just playing it up and practiced that dance all day; and aced it, I hear.

“The people of Baltimore, they still love Arthur, they still respect him a lot. Arthur gets a great reception here. It’s great to see that the love is still there. And obviously it trickled into my world, too. I got a lot of respect, and a lot of cheers, which made me feel amazing. I really do appreciate it. I mean the boos I’ve learned to live with, but it’s so rewarding to get some love and respect for once.”

If the rumors of Jones-Alexander Gustafsson II going down in Sweden come true, you can bet Jones won’t have a single voice cheering him on other than his team or family in attendance.

Check out Jones’ Lewis-impersonation in the video below.