UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a level of respect for fellow champ Chris Weidman.

However, if he was paired up with the current UFC middleweight titleholder, Jones has no issues believing he would prevail.

During a fan Q&A in New Jersey, site of UFC 169, earlier this week, Jones was asked about the prospects of such a super-fight going down.

“I think it would be phenomenal,” he said. “I think it would be awesome.”

Jones, though, quickly made it known that he didn’t want to “poke” Weidman by saying anything disrespectful – something that “Bones” has avoided in the past while still holding himself in high regard.

“I’ve got no reason to make comments about Weidman,” he stated. “Everything you say up here, it gets back to the fighters. So, I don’t want to offend him.

“I think he’s a great guy, but I’m very confident; I’m a very confident young man…and I’ll just leave it at that.”

Jones is currently scheduled to defend his title later this year against Glover Teixeira. Weidman, meanwhile, is expected to face Vitor Belfort next.