UFC lightheavyweight champ Jon Jones has been on a destructive path of the light heavyweight division. So much in fact that he tells Ariel Helwani that he’s considering a move up to the heavyweight division just for the fans later in the year. Similar to Anderson Silva making brief light heavyweight debuts, Jones would like to give it a try. Unfortunately the bosses don’t feel the same.

1:38:30 mark Ariel Helwani: What did you think of your commentating Saturday night.

Jon Jones: I went home and watched it and I didn’t feel too bad. (it was) something that the UFC threw at me and I gave it a whirl … I definitely want to try it again. It makes me better … I was more nervous to do runway modeling.

AH: … you looked sexy :-)

JJ: Why thank you.

AH: They have you listed as a 6-1 favorite … does that surprise you?

JJ: It does surprise me. Rashad has a phenomenal record, and knows how to win … I can’t let that alter my mindset. I have to train like I am the underdog and that’s the biggest fight of my life.

AH: Were you impressed with what (Rashad) did Saturday night?

JJ: Not really. No. … I didn’t really see much progression. He left the team. I think Mike Winklejohn and Greg Jackson were a really good fit for him, and he learned their style. … I think (with) his new program, I haven’t really seen much progression. I think his top control looked a l title tighter, his guard passes looked pretty decent … Phil looked like a sheep, he didn’t show much out there … I feel as if (Rashad is) coming down the other side of the hill. Even his body looked softer.

AH: Will Greg (Jackson) be in your corner for (the Rashad Evans) fight?

JJ: I don’t think Greg is going to be in my corner. I will respect that. Rashad and Greg had some genuine moments. I won’t put him in that position.

AH: Have you started to think seriously Jon about the move up to heavyweight? Do you have a time table as to when you would like to do that?

JJ: Yes, definitely … I taked to Dana and Lorenzo about taking fight for the fans at the end of 2012. I figured beating beating Henderson, and Rashad, there will be a period where I’m going to figure out who I fight next. And during that period, at the end of 2012, I requested a heavyweight, a top-10 heavyweight … just for the fans … Dana and Lorenzo did not think that was going to best for me to do right now. They want me to continue in the Lightheavyweight division.