The confusing saga about Jon Jones’ out-of-competition drug testing appears to be over, with the fighter cleared of any suspicion of performance enhancing drug use.

The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jones was tested three times at random by the Nevada Athletic Commission, prior to his UFC 182 title defense against Daniel Cormier last Saturday. It was revealed this week that Jones had tested positive for cocaine metabolites in what the NAC described as “an anomaly” — as it turns out, they weren’t supposed to be testing for illegal drugs at all.

Instead they were to be testing for performance enhancing drugs, and when those tests were finally made public, Jones’ tests revealed a testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio which raised eyebrows. Many called for the champion’s urine samples to undergo what is known as carbon isotope ratio (CIR) testing, which could help determine if the unusual result was due to the presence of synthetic testosterone.

The matter was described here at Caged Insider.

But the Exectutive Director of the Nevada Athletic Commission stated today that those CIR tests were conducted, and Jones, it would appear, is in the clear.

For now.

“His urine samples were tested, and according to our doctor he doesn’t have a concern with the results of the urinalysis test at this time,” Bennett told MMA Fighting.

Members of the media have requested the CIR results, through the Freedom of Information Act.

The Nevada Athletic Commission discuss the “anomaly” regarding Jones’ testing at their next meeting, January 12 — which is expected to be broadcast on UFC Fight Pass.

The in-competition drug testing results, for both Jones and Cormier, is expected in the coming days.