“To this day, I’ve never lost a fight to him”, says Arthur Jones.

Big words when you’re talking about your one year younger brother who happens to be UFC light heavyweight champion of the world. 24-year-old, 6-foot-3, 300-pound former state high school wrestling champion Arthur Jones of the Baltimore Ravens tells Sports Illustrated that he has been wrestling and training with the champ since they were little and is yet to lose to him in grappling.

“Ever since we were little kids, we were always wrestling with each other and tearing up the house,” said Arthur, a Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle, speaking during a break in a New York City photo shoot featuring him, Jon and their younger brother, Chandler, a defensive tackle at Syracuse University. “We still wrestle for fun whenever we’re together. Just last night we were rolling around at our hotel. I think we’re going to be 45, 50, 60 years old and still wrestling with each other.”

Interesting enough, the NFL lockout has been making Jones future questionable and in the meanwhile Arthur has taken to cross-training at Jackson’s MMA with his brother.

“With this NFL lockout making everything uncertain,” Jones said, “all of us players have to find ways to keep ourselves active. So I’m doing MMA. It’s my cross-training.”

To imagine a bigger version of Jon Jones with what Jon himself says a more skilled grappler is a scary thought for the UFC heavyweight division. The possibility of two Jones champions at once sounds very plausible according to Jon.

“I really don’t see anyone in the heavyweight division right now being able to clinch with my brother and not get thrown,” Jon Jones recently told Sergio Non of USA Today. “His wrestling is way, way, way above my wrestling. I was the second seed my whole career in wrestling because my brother was on my team.”

When Arthur heard this he responded with optimism of a possible future in MMA after his NFL career.
“Yeah, my brother is dying for me to take a fight. We’ll see. I love this sport, and I’m hungry to learn more. When I retire from football, who knows what’ll happen?”