With the marketing for UFC 145 heating up, the company has released some of the best ads for this pay-per-view. Not only is it one of the biggest fights for the fans, it is also a clash that has been coming for a long time. This is easily one of the best promos to air for the company. Aside from traditional fight posters and ads showing highlights of the main fighters, this promo has no words.

It shows Jon Jones in his walkout at UFC 140, his movement to the cage, a few brief seconds of action in the fight, the fight ending guillotine, a concerned ref watching closely, and then Lyoto’s fall to the canvas. With the fight only a little over a week away, the wait is almost over. With a promotion like this you can clearly see UFC has taken a step up into the mainstream. This can only ┬ábe good for future fights. Can you imagine promos like this for Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson, or Junior Dos Santos?