Quinton “Rampage” Jackson had his share of controversies in his fighting career — in and out of the cage. In fact, the 16 year MMA veteran’s career is currently on hold due to contractual disputes between Bellator and UFC.

But he’s making headlines anyway — most recently, offering his opinion on the returning Jon Jones to Inside MMA.

Jones, who fought Jackson back in 2011, was recently announced to be on his way back to the UFC after some recent legal troubles involving a hit-and-run incident.

According to Jackson, Jones is “bad for the sport” — however, it’s not for the reasons one might expect.

“Honestly, I think Jon Jones is bad for the sport,” Jackson said, as transcribed by Dave Meltzer at MMA Fighting. “Because when he fights people, he injures us. He kicked my knee backwards. My knee has never been the same. He’s doing it to a couple of other guys. I saw him rip one guy’s shoulder out of his socket (Glover Teixiera). We just try to do the same thing he’s trying to do, earn a living and do the sport that we love. We don’t go in there and try and injure people.”

In regards to Jones’ positive test for cocaine, Jackson was more sympathetic.

“The drug he was doing, people overdose from it, people can die from it,” Jackson said. “This kid was fighting three days after and he was one of the best. I hope he comes back and he learns from his mistake.”

Jackson hopes to return to MMA soon, saying he needs a good 13 week camp — and as he puts it, “I’ll be ready to fight anybody.”