So UFC light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites prior to UFC 182 and will now be checking into rehab. Jones is seemingly contrite about it, Dana White is proud of him… blah, blah, blah. It is on its very basic level a crappy thing that one of the UFC’s biggest stars got popped for Bolivian Marching Powder, and it sucks that the athletic commission was powerless to punish Jones and his fight against Daniel Cormier was allowed to go on. But there is also a lingering question that needs to be answered, and that’s “Does Jon Jones actually have a drug problem?” After all, his positive test could have come after snorting one line the night before he was presented with the plastic cup to piss in.

Well, here’s Deadspin – which published a lengthy piece on Jones last week – with a little insight:

This doesn’t come out of nowhere. In reporting this story, I heard a lot of rumors about Jones’s cocaine use, some of which went past what you’d expect of a rich young celebrity in 2014. I left those alone partly because it’s a long way from rumor to solid fact and partly because, as evidenced by his success, whatever he’s been up to late at night hasn’t hurt his athletic performance much. This is worth noting just by way of saying that this is more likely than not something that actually could affect his career, as opposed to the result of one night’s bad decision. Just a few minutes ago, I got this text from a source close to Jones: Can’t believe it took this long for jon to pop on coke.

Based on that, it seems Jones does indeed like the booger sugar. In which case… yikes.