AKA stand-out, Jon Fitch (23-3-2) pulls a draw against Prodigy, BJ Penn (16-7-2) . Here is the detailed play-by-play.

Round One
Penn runs out and atempts a takedown and Fitch stuffs it and tries to dirty box and Fitch turns and gets Penn against the cage. Fitch attempts a takedown and Penn slides away. Penn gets a single leg takedown. Penn gets to his back with a body triangle and attempts a RNC and Fitch turns out of it. Penn pushes Fitch off and the two stand. Fitch pushes Penn against the fence and goes for the single once again. The two stand to end round.

Round Two
Penn misses a flying knee and Fitch follows with a double leg. Penn wiggles out and is now against the fence. Fitch works the dirty boxing against the fence and drops to the leg. Fitch continues to work but Penn slips up. Penn gets the takedown and again quickly takes Fitches back and attempts the RNC. Again Fitch reverses to the guard and is able to land some punches from the top.

Round Three
Fitch gets the takedown on what looks to be a fatigued Penn. Now Fitch is starting to ground and pound the Prodigy from the butterfly guard. Fitch unable to move to half guard but continues to effectively strike Penn. Fitch continues to drop left elbows to hammer fists and finishes the round on top.

Official Decision: Jon Fitch draws against BJ Penn 29-28, 28-29, 28-28)

During the post-fight interview BJ Penn expressed that he did not feel he did enough to win but since “The Gods” were nice he would want to do the fight again if Fitch would like.