For the first time in a long time, Mike Goldberg is not commentating with partner Joe Rogan for UFC pay-per-view. Stepping in for a rumored ‘sick’ Goldberg will be one-half  of the UFC’s “B-Team” of announcers in Jon Anik. Dana White admits that this was not the plan, but as the UFC does when problems arise they fix them. When Goldberg will be back or exactly why he is gone, White could not comment. It is possible that he is just fatigued from the many events the UFC now puts on every year, but he is not sick, which has been made clear by White.

Beyond the adjustment, fans have started to wonder who will do the in post-fight interviews. Both Rogan and Anik handle that aspect of the announcing teams job for their respective events, but they have never announced together. Obviously, fans are more accustomed to Rogan’s post-fight interviews, but in the spirit of change, maybe the announcers will alternate just to try something new.

There have been some complaints about Anik when he commentates, but that is more on him similar voice inflectional  to broadcast partner Kenny Florian than his real announcing ability. If credentials speak for anything, Anik is in the right. He started his MMA broadcast career on ESPN where he hosted MMA LIVE, and then moved to the UFC when the FOX deal started. On top of being Florian’s broadcast partner, he hosted the Ultimate Fighter Live, Ultimate Insider, UFC Tonight, and now can add UFC pay-per-view broadcaster to his résumé.