Johny Hendricks is just a few days away from his first defense of the UFC Welterweight Championship at UFC 181 in Las Vegas.

Back in March, Hendricks won the strap, made vacant when longtime champion Georges St-Pierre retired, with a five-round decision victory over Robbie Lawler.

Hendricks had previously fought St-Pierre to a standstill in a five-round decision loss.

Now, with a rematch with Lawler just days away, Hendricks entertained questions from MMA Junkie about not only Lawler but the rest of the welterweight division.

Regarding the possibility of another bout with former champ St-Pierre:

“He could (come back),” Hendricks said. “He’s that type of fighter; he’s tough. He sort of reminds me of Randy Couture. He’s a great game-planner and a great executioner. Whenever he’s got his mind set on something, it’s done. I think that first fight (at UFC 167) threw him for a loop. But if he never comes back, I don’t care. I’m not here to take away anything Georges St-Pierre has ever done in the UFC — and you can’t. He’s too good a fighter and he’s done too many things for this weight class. I have to have my own legacy.”

Regarding a challenge from Rory MacDonald, currently ranked second in the UFC Rankings: “He’s sort of the same as GSP, just taller and a little different skill-set. If I can get through Robbie Lawler, I think it would be a good fight for me. I match up well. Taller guys are a little easier to hit in a sense; if you can move your head and parry punches it’s easier to fall in behind punches.”

Finally, Hendricks was asked about ONE FC Champion Ben Askren, who has called him out publicly: “I’m not going to call Dana White and call out names. He had a chance, he failed at it, and he sees an opportunity and sees me as a meal ticket. That’s it.”