So much for that injury-free year, because Dana White had to switch around UFC 158 after Rory MacDonald fell off due to injury. It only took a matter of hours for Johny Hendricks to accept the co-main event slot, and Carlos Condit sees Hendricks as a great replacement for MacDonald.

“While I was disappointed to hear that Rory MacDonald is injured, I am glad that the UFC was able to find a strong replacement for the fight in Johny Hendricks. He is one of the toughest Welterweights in the world, and has quickly risen up the ladder in our division.”

Hendricks has been very vocal about feeling overlooked more than once for a title shot, and even called GSP an idiot after the champion said he didn’t want to fight Hendricks since he feels he lost to Josh Koscheck. Condit still has the opportunity to face a big name in the welterweight division, but he is glad the change came early enough to prepare for Hendricks.

“We are similar in that we like to stay active and aggressive in our fights. I have been training for Rory MacDonald, but there is plenty of time left to switch my focus to Hendricks. With eight weeks left, I will need every moment to be fully prepared for this battle. He’s called me out in the past, and now is his chance to try to back that talk up. I’ll be ready for him.”

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