Johny Hendricks still hopes to get another crack at taking down former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Hendricks, who went the distance with GSP last year, recently won the vacant title with a decision victory over Robbie Lawler. While the win came with a price – he is recovering from surgery for a torn bicep – St-Pierre is out for even longer.

GSP suffered a torn ACL while training, and though he had yet to state plans to make a return to the Octagon after putting himself on the shelf, this will only keep him there for several more months – regardless of what is plans were.

“It does bum me out. It does stink,” said Hendricks, on St-Pierre, during an interview with “It sucks when you hear about anybody getting injured. It doesn’t matter when it is, who it is or how it happened; it always sucks.

“You don’t wish anything bad upon anybody. So when I heard about him getting injured, I felt bad. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and hopefully he comes back.”

As for his own targeted return date, Hendricks stated anywhere from “September to November.”